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Wednesday Apr 17, 2024

In today's Episode, we look at Jude 1:17-23 and see Jude gives advise on how to deal with the ungodly and that all are in need of mercy and grace. 

Wednesday Apr 10, 2024

In today's Episode, we look at Jude 1:5-16 and see what the ungodly look like when they are in the Church.

Wednesday Apr 03, 2024

In this Episode, we look at Jude 1:1-4.  Here will see that not everyone who is in the Church are Godly people. 

Thursday Mar 28, 2024

Starting on April 7, 2024 Pastor Darren King of North Stafford Baptist Church will being preaching through the Gospel of Luke.  This is an introduction to start thinking about this new series we are starting. 

The Big Question of Why?

Wednesday Mar 27, 2024

Wednesday Mar 27, 2024

Why start a PodCast called Fearlessly Contending for the Faith?  In this episode, I discuss how the PodCast came about and why we are to fearlessly contend for the faith.

Wednesday Mar 13, 2024

A short trailer for the Podcast Channel. 

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The NSBC - Podcast is a discipleship and outreach project of North Stafford Baptist Church in Stafford Virginia. For more information about North Stafford Baptist Church, please visit our website at: www.northstaffordbaptistchurch.com.


Join us here each week for a time of: scripture reading, devotion, prayer; as well as, discussions and interviews concerning the Christian faith and world view.


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